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Web Links

Health Affairs' readers may order web links to full text (e-prints), and may request permission to license content via the journal's online permissions service, RightsLink®.

To estimate or place an order, simply:

  1. Locate the Health Affairs article online at www.healthaffairs.org
  2. Click on the article abstract.
  3. Click the Request Permissions link on the right side of the page under Services.
  4. The following page will be launched:


  5. Select the use you require   
  6. Check the "Quick Price" estimate for rates for web links or other options of interest.
  7. Create a RightsLink® account if you haven't already.
  8. Accept the terms and conditions.

If you are purchasing a link, our web team will contact you between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm ET with the code needed to establish the link.

More Information: You may purchase Health Affairs e-prints (toll-free links to the full text of online articles) based on one-month to one-year time increments via Rightslink®. Links to abstracts are allowed free of charge, provided all copyright laws and permissions terms and conditions are followed.


To order reprints, please contact Bob Smith at Northwest Graphics: bob@nwestgraphics.com.

Reprint Features

• Color or black/white reprints
• Minimum order quantity-100 copies
• Available with or without custom covers



Project HOPE/Health Affairs grants the following permission uses:

• Download one copy of an article for storage in your personal computer archive.
• Link to the abstract of an article.
• Print 5 copies of an article for personal use provided the following copyright and citation notice is used:

"Copyrighted and published by Project HOPE/Health Affairs as [include the full citation: author name, article title, Health Aff (Millwood), year or original publication, volume number, issue number, pages]. The published article is archived and available online at www.healthaffairs.org/."

Additional uses, which may be obtained through RightsLink®, include:

• Make more than 5 copies of an article.
• Republish an article in a book, periodical, report, or brochure.
• Electronically link to the full text of an article.

Articles may not be modified in any way. You may not post any article on the Internet or an Intranet.

Please note: RightsLink® is used to purchase permission but does not provide the content. Licensed content can be obtained directly from the Health Affairs Website at www.healthaffairs.org or existing print/electronic sources can be used

For questions or any permission request not available through RightsLink®, please contact Health Affairs at permissions@healthaffairs.org.