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October 10, 2017

EYE ON HEALTH REFORM: Much Activity, Undertainty Remains

October 02, 2017

Health Affairs' October Issue: Emergency Departments, Behavioral Health And More

September 14, 2017

Health Policy Brief - Prescription Drug Pricing

September 05, 2017

Health Affairs' September Issue: Market Concentration

August 14, 2017

EYE ON HEALTH REFORM: A Midsummer Night's Strange Reality

August 10, 2017

Health Policy Brief: Prescription Drug Pricing

August 07, 2017

Health Affairs' August Issue: Consumerism, Competition, Drug Approval And More

July 26, 2017

ACA Reduced Disparities In Health Care Access

July 24, 2017

Prescription Drug Pricing

July 19, 2017

Healthy Lifestyle Prolongs Americans' Life Expectancy

July 10, 2017

EYE ON HEALTH REFORM: Health Care Reform In The Senate's Hands

July 05, 2017

Health Affairs' July Issue: Advanced Illness And End-of-Life Care

June 21, 2017

Significant Racial Disparities Found In Hospital Readmissions

June 14, 2017

State Health Spending, 1991-2014

June 12, 2017

EYE ON HEALTH REFORM: ACA Replacement Battle Moved To Senate

June 05, 2017

Health Affairs' June Issue: Pursuing Health Equity

May 17, 2017

ACA Improved Medical Care And Health Among Low-Income Adults

May 08, 2017

EYE ON HEALTH REFORM: House Passes AHCA; HHS Acts On Regulations

May 01, 2017

Health Affairs' May Issue: ACA Coverage, Access, Medicaid And More

April 19, 2017

Medical Marijuana Laws Reduced The Number Of Medicaid Prescriptions

April 12, 2017

ACA Did Not Negatively Impact Budgets Of States Expanding Medicaid In 2014-15

April 10, 2017

Timothy Jost Assesses The Post-AHCA Fallout

April 03, 2017

Health Affairs' April Issue: Maternity Coverage, Children, Disability And More

March 29, 2017

ACA Risk Adjustment And Reinsurance Were Well Targeted In First Two Years

March 27, 2017

Health Policy Brief - Implementing MACRA

March 15, 2017

Repeated TV Ads Increased Signups During The ACA's First Enrollment Period

March 13, 2017

Timothy Jost Analyzes The Latest Efforts To Repeal, Replace, And Repair The ACA

March 06, 2017

Health Affairs' March Issue: Delivery System Innovation

February 22, 2017

Mexico's Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax Shows Results

February 15, 2017

Health Spending Growth Projections, 2016-25

February 13, 2017

Timothy Jost Analyzes The Current State Of "Obamacare To Trumpcare"

February 06, 2017

Health Affairs' February Issue: The Work/Health Relationship

January 18, 2017

US Six-Month Drug Market Exclusivity Extensions Could Yield Nearly $100 Million

January 09, 2017

Health Affairs' January Issue

December 14, 2016

Some Emergency Department Patients Receive Unexpected Bills Afterward

December 05, 2016

Health Affairs' December Issue: Oral Health And More

December 02, 2016

National Health Spending Grows Faster in 2015 As Coverage Expands and Utilization Increases

November 21, 2016

Health Policy Brief - Paid Family and Medical Leave

October 26, 2016

Employer-Sponsored Insurance Enrollment Stable In 2014

October 14, 2016

Health Policy Brief - Medicaid and Permanent Supportive Housing

October 12, 2016

The Economic Burden Of US Adult Vaccine Avoidance: $8.95 Billion In 2015

October 04, 2016

Health Affairs' October Issue: Insurance, The ACA, Care In India And More

September 21, 2016

Safety-Net Hospitals Reduce Thirty-Day Readmission Rates But Still Lag Behind

September 19, 2016

Health Policy Brief - Tobacco Taxes

September 14, 2016

Average Annual Workplace Family Health Premiums Rise Modest 3% to $18,142 in 2016

September 07, 2016

Health Affairs' September Issue

August 17, 2016

New ACA Coverage Enrollees Increased Prescription Use And Lowered Spending

August 15, 2016

Health Policy Brief - Telehealth Parity Laws

August 08, 2016

Health Affairs' August Issue: Disparities, Hospital Financing And More

July 28, 2016

Health Policy Brief - Regulation of Health Plan Provider Networks

July 13, 2016

Moderate Health Spending Growth Projections, 2015-25

July 06, 2016

Health Affairs' July Issue: ACA Coverage, Health Spending And More

June 30, 2016

Health Policy Brief - Off-Label Drug Promotion

June 22, 2016

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs Help Reduce Opioid-Related Death Rates

June 20, 2016

Health Affairs' Impact Factor Tops 5 And Rank Is No. 1

June 15, 2016

New Methodology To Examine Spending Patterns For End-Of-Life Care

June 06, 2016

Health Affairs' June Issue: Behavioral Health

June 02, 2016

Health Policy Brief - Ambulance Diversion

May 23, 2016

Uninsurance Rates and the Affordable Care Act

May 18, 2016

In 2013, US Spent More On Mental Disorders Than On Any Other Medical Condition

May 02, 2016

Health Affairs' May Issue: Prescription Drugs, Global Health And More

April 29, 2016

May 2016 TOC

April 27, 2016

For Medical Procedures, Costs Vary Greatly By Locale

April 21, 2016

Medicare's New Physician Payment System

April 13, 2016

Public Opinion About The ACA: Significant Shifts Detected

April 04, 2016

Patients' And Consumers' Use Of Evidence: Health Affairs' April Issue

March 31, 2016

Final 2015-20 Dietary Guidelines For Americans

March 23, 2016

Since 1977, Uninsurance For Young Adults Has Increased-But The ACA Has Helped

March 17, 2016

Workplace and Public Accommodations for Nursing Mothers

March 07, 2016

The Evolving Landscape of Physician Practice: Health Affairs' March Issue

March 02, 2016

ACA Markeplace Enrollees: Whiter, Older, And Better Informed Than Uninsured Adults

February 25, 2016

Health Policy Brief - Nonprofit Hospitals' Community Benefit

February 17, 2016

In Kentucky, Sharp Low-Income Uninsurance Declines Under ACA

February 08, 2016

Vaccines: Health Affairs' February Issue

February 05, 2016

February 2016 TOC

February 04, 2016

Health Policy Brief - High-Deductible Health Plans

January 20, 2016

Wide Differences In Rural Health Information Technology Adoption

January 14, 2016

Health Policy Brief - Transparency in Clinical Research

January 12, 2016

Health Affairs' Top Ten Articles Of 2015: Health Spending, Population Health, And More

January 05, 2016

Health Affairs' January Issue: High-Cost Populations, Medicaid Spending, And More

December 16, 2015

Access To Care In The US Rose 3.4 Percentage Points Since ACA Implementation

December 10, 2015

Health Policy Brief - Dietary Guidelines for Americans

December 07, 2015

Health Affairs' December Issue: Affordability, Access, Models Of Care, And More

December 02, 2015

National Health Spending Grows 5.3 Percent in 2014, Accelerates After Five Consecutive Years of Low Growth

November 23, 2015

Health Policy Brief - Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Initiative

November 17, 2015

Modeling New Ways of Financing Long-Term Services And Supports

November 11, 2015

For US Hospitals, A Mixed Report in Electronic Health Record Adoption

November 09, 2015

Health Policy Brief - Enforcing Mental Health Parity

November 02, 2015

Food And Health: Health Affairs' November Issue

October 05, 2015

October Health Affairs: ACA, Health And Social Supports, And More

October 02, 2015

October 2015 Table Of Contents

September 28, 2015

Health Policy Brief - Navigators And Assisters In The Third Open Enrollment Period

September 17, 2015

Health Policy Brief - Rebalancing Medicaid Long-Term Services And Supports

September 16, 2015

Under The ACA, Uninsurance Disparities Narrow For Black And Hispanic Adults

September 08, 2015

Noncommunicable Diseases: Health Affairs' September Issue

August 27, 2015

Health Policy Brief - Aligning FDA and CMS Review

August 06, 2015

Health Policy Brief - Medicare's Hospital-Acquired Condition Reduction Program

August 03, 2015

Hospital Quality And Care: Health Affairs' August Issue

July 31, 2015

August 2015 Table Of Contents

July 28, 2015

Health Spending Growth to Increase Slightly, But Remain Moderate Compared to Pre-Recession Highs

July 22, 2015

Michigan Medicaid Expansion Yields Primary Care Availability

July 16, 2015

Health Policy Brief - The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment

July 07, 2015

Medicaid's Evolving Delivery Systems: Health Affairs' July Issue

July 01, 2015

Improved Pneumococcal Vaccine Costs More, But 10-Year Savings Projected

June 25, 2015

Health Policy Brief - The FDA's Menu-Labeling Rule

June 22, 2015

Health Affairs' Impact Factor Rises; Ranks No. 1 Among Health Policy And Services Journals

June 17, 2015

US Nonprofit Hospital Tax Exemption Almost Doubles Between 2002 And 2011

June 08, 2015

Health Affairs' June Issue: Markets, Prices, And Incentives

June 05, 2015

June 2015 Table Of Contents

June 04, 2015

Health Policy Brief - The FDA's Sentinel Initiative

May 27, 2015

Are Marketplace Enrollees Sicker Than Those With Employer-Sponsored Insurance?

May 21, 2015

Health Policy Brief - Antibiotic Resistance

May 11, 2015

Health Policy Brief - Medicaid Primary Care Parity

May 06, 2015

16.9 Million Americans Gained Coverage From September 2013 To February 2015

May 04, 2015

Variety Issue: Health Affairs' May Issue

May 01, 2015

May 2015 Table of Contents


April 29, 2015

Less Known Aspects Of The ACA: Marketplace Entry Outside Open Enrollment For Qualifying Life Events; And The Impact Of Potential Medicaid Rollbacks After 2019

April 06, 2015

The Cost and Quality of Cancer Care: Health Affairs' April Issue

March 25, 2015

Without CHIP, Sharply Higher Insurance Costs For Many Low-Income Families

March 11, 2015

Assessing Efforts to "Solve The Sustainable Growth Rate Formula Conundrum"

March 05, 2015

Health Policy Brief - Right-to-Try Laws

March 02, 2015

The Benefits and Limitations of Information: Health Affairs' March Issue

February 28, 2015

March 2015 Table Of Contents

February 25, 2015

In Sub-Saharan Africa, Health And Health Care Rated Among The World's Lowest

February 11, 2015

Substantial Productivity Growth For US Hospitals During The Past Decade

February 02, 2015

Biomedical Innovation: Health Affairs' February Issue

January 28, 2015

Do Low-Income Consumers In Medicaid Opt-Out States Pay More Out of Pocket?

January 22, 2015

Health Policy Brief - The Two-Midnight Rule

January 14, 2015

New Medicare Per Capita Spending Shows A Rise With Age, Then A Decline After 96

January 05, 2015

Aging and Health: Health Affairs' January Issue

January 02, 2015

January 2015 Table Of Contents

December 22, 2014

Health Policy Brief - Reenrollment

December 19, 2014

New Findings About The ACA's Impact On Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance

December 17, 2014

The Bottom Line On Different Management Models In State Health Exchanges

December 11, 2014

Health Policy Brief - Physician Compare

December 08, 2014

Children's Health: Health Affairs' December Issue

December 03, 2014

National Health Spending Growth in 2013, at 3.6 Percent, Continued a Pattern of Low Growth for Five Consecutive Years

November 19, 2014

In Eleven-Country Survey Of Older Adults, Americans Are Sickest But Have Quickest Access To Specialists

November 17, 2014

Health Policy Brief - The 340B Drug Discount Program

November 12, 2014

For Global Health Programs Aiding Developing Countries, Analyzing A New Funding Model

November 10, 2014

Health Policy Brief - The Family Glitch

November 03, 2014

Social Services and Community Health: Health Affairs' November Issue

October 29, 2014

Vietnam's Health Care System, Explained by Its Minister of Health, Nguyen Thi Kim Tien

October 22, 2014

Study Shows Noneconomic Damage Caps of $250,000 Reduce Individual Malpractice Payments--But Higher Caps Do Not

October 16, 2014

Health Policy Brief - The Ninety-Day Grace Period

October 08, 2014

New Study Shows Low-Income Residents In Three States Support Medicaid Expansion

October 06, 2014

Specialty Drugs-Cost, Impact And Value: Health Affairs' October Issue

October 02, 2014

Health Policy Brief - The Physician Payments Sunshine Act

September 24, 2014

New Study On CHIP Eligibility Finds Decrease In Uninsurance In Some States 

September 18, 2014

Health Policy Brief - Employee Choice

September 11, 2014

Health Policy Brief - Drug Shortages

September 10, 2014

Employer-Sponsored Family Health Premiums Rise 3 Percent in 2014

September 08, 2014

Think and Act Globally: Health Affairs' September Issue

September 03, 2014

Projected Slow Growth in 2013 Health Spending Ahead of Future Increases

August 21, 2014

Health Policy Brief - The Relative Contribution of Multiple Determinants to Health Outcomes

August 13, 2014

Small Primary Care Physician Practices Have Low Rates Of Preventable Hospital Admissions


August 11, 2014

Health Policy Brief - Interoperability



August 07, 2014

Two New Studies Find Mixed Results In The State of EHR Adoption

August 04, 2014

Health Affairs August Issue: Variations in Health Care

August 01, 2014

August 2014 Table Of Contents

July 24, 2014

Health Policy Brief - Site-Neutral Payments

July 16, 2014

Registered Nurses Are Delaying Retirement; Contributing To Larger Workforce

July 15, 2014

Health Policy Brief Updates

July 10, 2014

Health Policy Brief - E-Cigarettes and Federal Regulation

July 08, 2014

The Impact of Big Data on Health Care: Health Affairs' July Issue

June 26, 2014

Health Policy Brief - Risk Corridors

June 25, 2014

Shifting Open Enrollment Could Increase Participation

June 06, 2014

How Do Health Policy Researchers Use Social Media?

June 02, 2014

Where Can We Find Savings in Health Care?

May 30, 2014

June 2014 Table Of Contents

May 19, 2014

Health Provider Consolidation - Market Opportunity or Failure?

May 15, 2014

Health Policy Brief - Breakthrough Therapy Designation

May 5, 2014

What Lies Ahead for US Hospitals?

May 1, 2014

Health Policy Brief - Regulating Compounding Pharmacies

April 23, 2014

October 2013's Insurance Cancellation Firestorm In Context

April 08, 2014

Global Health Funding In 2013 Five Times Greater Than 1990



April 07, 2014

Health Affairs Takes a Deeper Look into the State of Research and Far-Reaching Implications of Alzheimer's Disease

April 03, 2014

Health Policy Brief - Mental Health Parity

March 31, 2014

Health Policy Leader Alan Weil To Become New Health Affairs Editor-in-Chief

March 26, 2014

New Medicaid Recipients Healthier Than Pre-ACA Enrollees

March 20, 2014

Health Policy Brief - Transitioning to ICD-10

March 12, 2014

Medicaid/Marketplace "Churning": State-By-State Comparisons

March 06, 2014

Health Policy Brief - Geographic Variation in Medicare Spending

March 03, 2014

Health Affairs Examines Impact of ACA on Two Vulnerable Groups: Americans with HIV/AIDS and Jail-Involved Individuals

February 27, 2014

February 2014 Table Of Contents

February 26, 2014

Improved Prescribing And Reimbursement Practices In China

February 12, 2014

Positive Results For Value-Based Insurance Design Plans

February 03, 2014

Health Affairs Examines Successes and Missing Links in Connected Health

January 29, 2014

Comparing Quality And Prices Among Hospitals

January 22, 2014

First-Ever Quantitative Data About The Toll Of BPA Exposure

January 21, 2014

Health Affairs Top 15 Articles Of 2013: The Unfulfilled Promises Of HIT And More


January 09, 2014

Health Policy Brief - Hospital Presumptive Eligibility

January 07, 2014

Health Affairs Examines Alternatives To Malpractice Litigation


January 06, 2014

National Health Spending Growth in 2012, at 3.7 Percent, Remained Low for the Fourth Consecutive Year

January 03, 2014

January 2014 Table Of Contents

December 18, 2013

Most Americans Don't Grasp Basic Health Insurance Concepts

December 16, 2013

Health Policy Brief - Young Adults and the Affordable Care Act

December 11, 2013

Reforming Medicare's Physician Payment Strategy

December 05, 2013

Health Policy Brief - mHealth and FDA Guidance

December 03, 2013

Health Affairs Examines The State Of Emergency Medicine

November 25, 2013

Health Policy Brief - Specialty Pharmaceuticals

November 13, 2013

Eleven-Country Survey Finds US Insurance Most Complex

November 12, 2013

Health Policy Brief - Medicare Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program

November 06, 2013

Shanghai's Health Care Reforms Explained

November 04, 2013

Health Affairs Explores Issues Facing Health Care Workforce in Era of Rapid Change

October 31, 2013

Health Policy Brief - Navigators and Assisters

October 30, 2013

Rural Versus Urban Medicare Beneficiaries: Little Use Variation

October 16, 2013

Small Employer Views On SHOP Exchanges And Self-Insurance

October 15, 2013

Health Affairs Conversations Podcast What's Next For The Exchanges?



October 10, 2013

Health Policy Brief - Biosimilars

October 07, 2013

Health Affairs Looks At Economic Trends & Quality Trade-Offs

September 25, 2013

State Variation In Health Insurance Dynamics

September 18, 2013

US Health Spending Projected to Grow an Average of 5.8 Percent Annually through 2022

September 12, 2013

Policy Brief - Excise Tax on 'Cadillac' Plans

September 09, 2013

Health Affairs Explores The "Thorns" Awaiting The Affordable Care Act

September 06, 2013

September 2013 Table Of Contents

August 20, 2013

Employer-Sponsored Family Health Premiums Rise a Modest 4 Percent in 2013, National Benchmark Employer Survey Finds



August 15, 2013

Policy Brief - Health Gaps

August 08, 2013

Health Affairs Conversations Podcast: Jost and Wilensky on Implementing Reform

August 05, 2013

Health Affairs Examines Health IT, Payment and Practice Reforms

August 02, 2013

August 2013 Table Of Contents

August 01, 2013

Policy Brief - Premium Tax Credits

July 24, 2013

Cutting Health Cost Growth By Shared State-Federal Savings

July 18, 2013

Policy Brief - Health Insurance Exchanges

July 09, 2013

From Health Affairs: Trends in the Adoption of Health Information Technology

July 08, 2013

With The Countdown To ACA Implementation, Health Affairs Examines The States And Medicaid Expansion

June 26, 2013

Massachusetts Data Hints That States Will See Large ACA Medicaid Expansion

June 20, 2013

Policy Brief - Restructuring Medicare

June 12, 2013

Unauthorized Immigrants Account for Only 1.4 Percent of US Medical Spending

June 06, 2013

Policy Brief - Premium Assistance in Medicaid

June 03, 2013

Health Affairs Examines Medicaid Expansion and Vulnerable Populations

May 31, 2013

June 2013 Table Of Contents

May 29, 2013

Immigrants Contributed An Estimated $115.2 Billion More To The Medicare Trust Fund Than They Took Out In 2002-09

May 15, 2013

In One State, Cancer Patients 2.65 Times Likelier to File for Bankruptcy

May 06, 2013

Health Affairs Examines Potential Longevity of Slowdown in Health Care Spending Growth

April 24, 2013

Independent Review Needed for Future DSM Revisions

April 18, 2013

Policy Brief - Per Capita Caps in Medicaid

April 17, 2013

In Massachusetts, Many Low-Income Families Struggle Paying for Health Insurance

April 12, 2013

Founding Editor John Iglehart Returns To Lead Health Affairs

April 08, 2013

Health Affairs Examines Worldwide Pursuit Of The 'Triple Aim' In April 2013 Issue

April 03, 2013

In Rural China, a Successful Payment Reform Pilot Project

March 27, 2013

CMS's Innovation Center Evaluates New Care and Payment Models

Policy Brief - The Multi-State Plan Program

March 20, 2013

European Countries Surveyed about Application of Patient-Centered Medical Home

March 04, 2013

Health Affairs Tackles Low Life Expectancy in the U.S. and Questions Popular Remedies

March 01, 2013

March 2013 Table Of Contents

February 28, 2013

Policy Brief - The CO-OP Health Insurance Program

February 20, 2013

Seven Million Americans Could Face Primary Care Physician Shortage

February 15, 2013

Policy Brief - Patient Engagement

February 13, 2013

Several Health Care Benefits Expected from Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs; Much Work Needs To Be Done

February 04, 2013

Health Affairs Explores Whether "Patient Activation and Engagement" Are Panaceas in February Issue

January 31, 2013

Policy Brief - Federally Facilitated Exchanges

January 08, 2013

January Health Affairs Examines Rocky Road of Delivery System Transformation

January 07, 2013

Growth in US Health Spending in 2011 Remained Low at 3.9 Percent for the Third Consecutive Year

December 19, 2012

Millions Of Young Americans Gained Health Insurance Since the ACA's Enactment

December 13, 2012

Policy Brief - Basic Health Program

December 12, 2012

Patients with After-Hours Access to Their Providers Showed Lower Emergency Room Use

December 3, 2012

Health Affairs' December Issue for Health Reform Optimists, Pessimists and Everyone in Between



November 30, 2012

December 2012 Table Of Contents

November 21, 2012

Profiles Of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Young Leader Awardees

November 15, 2012

Ten-Country Survey of Primary Care Physicians Shows Progress in Use of Health Information Technology, Less in Other Areas

Policy Brief - Basic Health Program

November 05, 2012

Insights from Emerging Health Care Delivery Models Examined in Health Affairs' November 2012 Issue

October 29, 2012

November 2012 Table Of Contents

October 25, 2012

Policy Brief - Nurse Practitioners and Primary Care

October 24, 2012

Proportion Of Those With High Medical Costs Unchanged During Recent Recession

October 17, 2012

Mixed Financial Incentives For Hospitals To Reduce Surgical Complications' Frequency

October 11, 2012

Policy Brief - Pay-for-Performance


October 09, 2012

Current Challenges in Comparative Effectiveness Research Featured in Health Affairs' October 2012 Issue


October 03, 2012

Medicare Program Simulation Shows Limited Savings From Meeting Quality Targets

October 02, 2012

October 2012 Table Of Contents

September 27, 2012

Policy Brief - Health Reform and the Supreme Court

September 26, 2012

Better Use of Dedicated Hospital Observation Units Could Save $3.1 Billion a Year

September 19, 2012

For Payment Reform, Lessons from the Massachusetts Experience

September 13, 2012

Policy Brief - Improving Care Transitions

September 11, 2012

Family Health Premiums Rise 4 Percent to Average $15,745 in 2012, National Benchmark Employer Survey Finds

September 04, 2012

Profiles in Payment Innovation Featured in Health Affairs' September 2012 Issue

August 30, 2012

Policy Brief - Risk Adjustment in Health Insurance

August 29, 2012

More Avoidable Deaths in the US Than in Three European Countries

August 23, 2012

September 2012 Table Of Contents

August 16, 2012

Policy Brief - Graduate Medical Education

August 15, 2012

New Study Finds Fourfold Increase To Retail Clinics Between 2007 And 2009

August 6, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Possible for the US Safety Net Examined in Health Affairs' August 2012 Issue

July 31, 2012

Policy Brief - Eliminating Fraud And Abuse

July 27, 2012

August 2012 Table Of Contents

July 25, 2012

New Study Finds Sharp Slowdown In Imaging Use After 2005

July 18, 2012

Survey Finds Medicare Beneficiaries Are Better Off Than Adults With Private Coverage

July 13, 2012

Policy Brief - Assistance for Global HIV/AIDS

July 11, 2012


New Studies About Next Steps In Affordable Care Act Implementation


July 09, 2012


Achievements and Future of President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) Examined in Health Affairs' July 2012 Issue


June 28, 2012

July 2012 Table Of Contents

June 20, 2012

For Vulnerable Older Adults, the Affordable Care Act Could Fall Short Without Changes in Health Care Delivery and Payment Systems

June 13, 2012

Policy Brief - Care for Dual Eligibles

June 12, 2012

US Health Spending Projected to Grow an Average of 5.7 Percent Annually through 2021

June 06, 2012

New Study Suggests Improvements For Estimating Who Is Eligible For Health Insurance Exchange Subsidies

June 04, 2012

Cost and Care Coordination of Medicare/Medicaid Dual Eligibles Addressed in Health Affairs' June 2012 Issue

May 25, 2012

June 2012 Table Of Contents

May 23, 2012

New Study Finds That 51 Percent Of Americans With Individual Health Insurance Will Improve Their Coverage In 2014 Through The Health Exchanges

May 16, 2012

Under Health Reform, a $280+ Average Annual Savings on Care for Those with Individual Insurance

May 10, 2012

Policy Brief - Workplace Wellness Benefits

May 09, 2012

Wide Variations in Knee Replacement Surgery Fees and Care

May 07, 2012

Issues In Medicare Spending Are A Focus Of May 2012 Issue Of Health Affairs

April 26, 2012

May 2012 Table Of Contents

April 25, 2012

Policy Brief - Essential Health Benefits

April 24, 2012

New Studies About Public Reporting

April 18, 2012

Coordinating Services for Dual Eligibles

April 10, 2012

American Cancer Patients Live Longer Than Those in Europe; Higher-Priced Cancer Treatments in US Offer Better Survival

April 09, 2012

A Lung Cancer Screening Insurance Benefit Would Save Lives at Relatively Low Cost, says Health Affairs Study

March 29, 2012

April 2012 Table Of Contents

March 28, 2012

New Studies About Public Reporting

March 22, 2012

Policy Brief - Premium Support In Medicare

March 21, 2012

The Case for Delaying the Implementation of the New ICD-10 Coding System

March 14, 2012

Estimated Toll of Campus Drinking To a University: $469,000--$546,000 in Emergency Costs



March 09, 2012

Policy Brief - Public Reporting on Quality and Costs

March 08, 2012

Health Information Technology: How Fast Is It Spreading, And Is The Nation Reaping The Benefits?

March 07, 2012

Public Reporting On Quality And Costs

March 06, 2012

Medicare's Public Reporting Program on Hospital Quality Had Little or No Impact on Death Rates in Hospitals

March 05, 2012

Contrary To Conventional Wisdom, Doctors' Ready Access Via Computer-to-Patient Test Results Does Not Reduce Costs or Curtail Test Ordering, Says Study

February 28, 2012

March 2012 Table Of Contents

February 23, 2012

Policy Brief - The Prevention and Public Health Fund

February 15, 2012

Evaluating Government-Developed Quality Assessment Tools

February 10, 2012

Policy Brief - Small Business Insurance Exchanges

February 09, 2012

Small Business Health Insurance Exchanges: Examining The Potential And The Pitfalls

February 08, 2012

Some Physicians Not Always Honest With Patients, Health Affairs Study Reports

January 31, 2012

Policy Brief - Next Steps For Accountable Care Organizations

January 25, 2012

Massachusetts Health Reform: How It Fared In 2010

January 18, 2012

New Federal Initiative To Increase "Health Literacy"

January 12, 2012

Policy Brief - Medicaid Reform

January 11, 2012

The Diabetes Threat: Can It Be Contained?

January 10, 2012

Adolescents and Young Adults with Diabetes Are More Likely to Drop Out of High School and Face Worse Job Prospects and Lower Wages Than Their Peers without Diabetes, Says Yale Study

January 09, 2012

Slow Growth in Health Spending and Use of Health Care Goods and Services Continued in 2010, Federal Analysts Say

December 15, 2011

Policy Brief - The Independent Payment Advisory Board

December 14, 2011

With A Global Financial Crisis, Less Growth In Health Funding

December 09, 2011

Comparative Effectiveness Research: Opportunities and Challenges for the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute in 2012 and Beyond

December 08, 2011

New Studies on Prescription Drugs: Clinical Trials Reporting, Off-Label Marketing, and Managing Use of Antipsychotics

December 07, 2011

New Eleven-Country Survey Of Seriously Ill Patients: Medical Home Patients Fared Better

December 06, 2011

Nurse Workforce Grows Faster Than Expected; Younger Nurses Joining Ranks

November 10, 2011

Community Development and Health

November 09, 2011

New Eleven-Country Survey Of Seriously Ill Patients: Medical Home Patients Fared Better

November 08, 2011

The Community Development Sector Takes On The Role Of Helping To Build Healthier Neighborhoods

November 07, 2011

New Study: Variations in Medicare Payments for Inpatient Surgery Strengthen Case for Bundling

November 03, 2011

Policy Brief - Medicare Payments to Physicians

November 01, 2011

November 2011 Table Of Contents

October 26, 2011

The Impact Of The Affordable Care Act On Coverage And Medicaid Enrollment

October 19, 2011

First Comprehensive Report On The Department Of Veterans Affairs' Mental Health Treatment System

October 07, 2011

Health Affairs Explores Factors Driving Health and Health Care Disparities and Measures That Can Help To Close The Gaps

October 06, 2011

Worst Hospitals Treat Twice As Many Minorities And Poor Patients As Best Hospitals, Also Yield Worse Outcomes: New Study

Policy Brief - Achieving Equity in Health

October 04, 2011

October 2011 Table Of Contents

September 14, 2011

'Meaningful Use' And Electronic Health Records: Real Results Won't Show Till Later

September 13, 2011

Policy Brief - Medigap Insurance Policies

September 12, 2011

Increased Health Spending Wiped Out American Families' Income Gains Over Past Decade; Low-Income Families Hit Hardest

September 09, 2011

Weight Loss Program For Prediabetic Adults 60-64 Projected To Save Medicare Up To $15 Billion, Says Study In Health Affairs

September 08, 2011

High Doctor Fees, Not Practice Costs, Drive Higher Health Care Spending on Physicians in the United States Compared to Other Countries

August 29, 2011

September 2011 Table Of Contents

August 18, 2011

Choice Overload: Why Some Seniors Avoid Medicare Advantage Plans

August 08, 2011

Health Reform Law, Other Changes Could Transform Public Addiction Treatment In The United States

August 05, 2011

Increase in Nonpsychiatrist Prescribing of Antidepressants Without a Psychiatric Diagnosis Helps Accelerate Use, Says Health Affairs Study

August 04, 2011

U.S Physician Practices Spend Nearly Four Times More Than Their Canadian Counterparts on Interactions with Health Plans and Other Payers

July 28, 2011

US Health Spending Projected To Rise at an Average Annual Rate of 5.8 Percent over the Next Decade, Reaching Nearly $4.64 Trillion by 2020


July 21, 2011

Data Show That Increased Spending By Local Public Health Agencies Pays Off

July 08, 2011

Challenges for Hospitals: Payment, Governance, Expanding Access, and Delivery System TransformationPolicy Brief - Legal Challenges to Health Reform

July 07, 2011

Health Affairs Releases Study Of Geographic Variations In Medicaid Spending -- Some Large States Spend More Than Twice As Much Per Beneficiary As Other Large States

June 30, 2011

Smaller Practices And The Patient-Centered Medical Home: A Work In Progress

June 23, 2011

New Studies on Forecasting Life Expectancy And New Cardiac Surgery Programs

June 16, 2011

New Study Finds FDA Approval Process For Cancer Drugs Faster Than The European Medicines Agency (EMA)

June 15, 2011

Policy Brief: Medicare Advantage Plans and The Affordable Care Act

June 13, 2011

The 'Decade of Vaccines' Has the Potential to Save Lives, But Many Challenges Lie Ahead

June 10, 2011

Boosting Childhood Vaccine Coverage In 72 Countries Could Save 6.4 Million Lives, Up to $231 Billion Over 10 Years

June 09, 2011

U.S. Children Are Getting Vaccinated In Record Numbers, But Parents Still Have Worries: New Survey

June 03, 2011

June 2011 Table Of Contents

May 19, 2011

Two Studies Focus On Delivering Quality Care, Reducing Costs, And Reaching Underserved Rural Populations

May 13, 2011

Policy Brief: The CLASS Act

May 12, 2011

Prescription Drug Abuse In The United States: How Much Of A Factor Is The Internet?

May 10, 2011

The Link Between Environment and Health: A Call for Health Policy Makers to Weigh Factors Such as Air and Water Quality, Food Policy, Chemical Exposure, and the Built Environment

May 09, 2011

US Must Strengthen Efforts to Restrict Chemicals That Threaten Health, Say Researchers

May 04, 2011

Environmental Illness In Children Contributes $76.6 Billion To Annual Health Care Costs, Says New Study

April 15, 2011

Policy Brief: Improving Quality

April 08, 2011

Quality Improvements in the VA Health Care System Narrowed Racial Gaps in Care, But Not in Outcomes, Says Study in Health Affairs

April 07, 2011

New Study Finds Up To Ten Times More Hospital Errors Than Other Methods Have Detected

April 04, 2011

Policy Brief: 'Unreasonable' Health Insurance Rate Increases

March 31, 2011

April 2011 Table Of Contents

March 22, 2011

Philip Musgrove

March 09, 2011

Health Affairs Announces New Journal Section on Long-Term Services and Supports: The Care Span
Policy Brief: Employers and Health Care Reform

March 08, 2011

Health Care Delivery Innovators Make Strides Toward The Vaunted "Triple Aim": Better Health, Better Care, and Lower Costs

February 25, 2011

March 2011 Table of Contents

February 23, 2011

Policy Brief: Congress and the Affordable Care Act

February 11, 2011

Policy Brief: Repealing The 1099 Provision

February 04, 2011

New Health Affairs Study Predicts Frequent ‘Churning’ Between Medicaid And State Exchanges Under Health Reform

February 03, 2011

New Health Affairs Study Identifies Growing Gender Gap in Starting Salaries for Physicians--with Men Making Nearly $17,000 More Than Women in 2008

January 28, 2011

February 2011 Table of Contents
Policy Brief: Enrolling More Children in Medicaid and CHIP

January 14, 2011

Policy Brief: Small Business Tax Credits

January 06, 2011

Weak Economy in 2009 Causes Health Spending to Grow at Slowest Rate in Five Decades, Federal Analysts Say

Accountable Care Organizations: The Next Phase

December 30, 2010

January 2011 Table of Contents

December 16, 2010

CMS' Gilfillan Keynotes Health Affairs Conference On Innovation

December 15, 2010

Agenda: Innovations Across The Nation In Health Care Delivery

December 09, 2010

How Does U.S. Medical Spending Vary By Age And Gender?

December 08, 2010

Health Affairs Studies Puncture Arguments About Benefits of Physicians' Self-Referrals for Imaging
New Research Finds Chronic Disease on the Rise Worldwide; Poor Diets, Lack of Exercise Spur High Rates of Heart Failure, Stroke, and Diabetes

December 07, 2010

New Health Affairs Study Suggests That Private Insurers Control Health Care Spending Better Than Medicare


December 06, 2010

The 2007–09 Recession And Health Insurance Coverage


November 24, 2010

December 2010 Table Of Contents


November 18, 2010

Health Insurance Design: Comparing The US And Other Countries


November 02, 2010

New Research Finds Patients More Likely To Adhere To Medications When Cost Sharing Is Reduced Or Eliminated


October 22, 2010

November 2010 Table Of Contents


October 12, 2010

Health Affairs' podcasts now available on iTunes U


October 07, 2010

New Information About Comparative Effectiveness Research
How Do American Survival And Medical Spending Rates Compare With Other Countries?


October 05, 2010

Federal Push For Comparative Effectiveness Research Aims To Increase Health Care Quality And Value
Medicare Should Use Comparative Effectiveness Research to Decide Reimbursement for New Services, Say Researchers


September 27, 2010

October 2010 Table Of Contents


September 09, 2010

National Health Spending Projections: The Estimated Impact Of Reform Through 2019


September 03, 2010

American Children Without Health Insurance: Who They Are, Where They Live, And Tools To Get Them Enrolled


September 02, 2010

Family Health Premiums Rise 3 Percent To $13,770 In 2010, But Workers' Share Jumps 14 Percent As Firms Shift Cost Burden


August 26, 2010

A Progress Report On Electronic Health Records In U.S. Hospitals


August 19, 2010

September 2010 Table Of Contents


August 12, 2010

Nonelderly Medicare Beneficiaries: Access And Costs More Problematic


August 03, 2010

New Study Finds Foreign-Trained Doctors Provide Same Quality of Care as Doctors Educated in U.S.

Nurse Anesthetists Working Without Supervision By Doctors Provide Safe Care


July 29, 2010

Viable-And Reliable-Alternatives To Colonoscopies


July 22, 2010

Who stands to gain from health reform?


July 19, 2010

August 2010 Table Of Contents


July 07, 2010

July Health Affairs: Roadmaps for the Unexplored Territory of Health Reform


June 29, 2010

July 2010 Table Of Contents


June 24, 2010

Access To Health Insurance For Same-Sex Couples: A New Study Finds Inequities


June 17, 2010

Medicare's Physician Payment Cuts: How Did They Affect Cancer Patients?


June 08, 2010

New Issue of Health Affairs Outlines Significant Challenges--and Opportunities--in Implementing Health Reform


June 03, 2010

New Study Explains Why Consumers Frequently Don't Embrace Evidence-Based Health Care

May 25, 2010

June 2010 Table Of Contents

May 13, 2010

Why Many Low-Income Beneficiaries Opt Out of the Medicare Subsidy

May 04, 2010

Reinventing Primary Care: An Urgent First Priority for Health Reform

April 29, 2010

How To Simplify Medical Billing While Reducing Medical Costs

April 23, 2010


April 22, 2010

May 2010 Table Of Contents

April 01, 2010

Soda Taxes: How Effective A Remedy To Help Combat Child Obesity?
April 2010 Table Of Contents

March 25, 2010

For More Americans, Health Care Costs At Least 10 Percent Of Family Income

March 18, 2010

Hospitals' Profit Margins: When It Comes To Medicare Payments, Some Surprising Findings

March 11, 2010

Public Attitudes -- And Partisan Differences -- About Whether The Uninsured Get The Medical Coverage They Need

March 04, 2010

For Overweight Children, A Pilot Program At Community Health Centers Yields Results

March 02, 2010

Reversing the Epidemic of Childhood Obesity

February 25, 2010

Growing California Hospital-Physician Market Power Foreshadows Challenges to National Health Reform

February 18, 2010

March 2010 Table Of Contents

February 18, 2010

Unexpected Reasons For Medicare Spending Increases, 1987-2006

February 04, 2010

U.S. Health Spending Projected To Have Reached $2.5 Trillion And 17.3 Percent Of GDP In 2009

February 02, 2010

Public, Private Investments In Community Health Centers Have Paid Off For Patients

Global E-Health: Benefits And Challenges For The Developing World

February 01, 2010

National Health Spending Projections In 2009: How Much Of An Impact Has The Recession Had?

January 28, 2010

What Drives Medicare Spending Variations? Some Surprising Results

January 25, 2010

February 2010 Table Of Contents

January 21, 2010

Can Value-Based Medical Insurance Programs Be Cost Effective?

January 14, 2010

The Costs of Diabetes - And the Savings of Workplace Wellness Programs

January 07, 2010

The Culture-Change Movement In Nursing Homes: Is It Delivering On Person-Centered Care?

January 05, 2010

Long-Term Care Services And Supports: Advancing Toward A State-Of-The-Art System
U.S. Health Spending Growth Slowest in Nearly 50 Years
Assisted Living Facilities More Likely In Areas With Higher Income, Education Level

November/December (December 03, 2009)

Two New Studies Provide Data on the True Costs, and Savings, of Health Insurance Plans

November/December (December 01, 2009)

Ten Years After the IOM's Landmark Patient Safety Report, How Much Progress Has Been Made?

November/December (November 06, 2009)

New Survey Shows Quality Not A Top Priority For Nearly Half The Nation's Hospital Boards

November/December (November 05, 2009)

U.S. Primary Care Physicians: International Survey Shows They Lag Behind On Several Key Fronts

November/December (November 03, 2009)

Global Challenges And Opportunities In Fighting HIV/AIDS And Neglected Diseases

September/October (October 27, 2009)

Health Affairs November/December 2009 Table Of Contents

September/October (October 26, 2009)

National Survey Finds Relationship Between Electronic Health Records Adoption By Hospitals And Economic Status Of Patients

September/October (October 21, 2009)

New Policy Brief Explores Health Insurance Reforms: Should Congress Make The Insurance Market Work Better For Individuals And Small Businesses?

September/October (October 20, 2009)

Uninsured In America: Two Health Affairs Studies Show A Rise For Those Living With Chronic Diseases

September/October (October 14, 2009)

Two Health Affairs Studies Question The Benefits Of Some Medical Technologies

September/October (October 06, 2009)

From Health Affairs: Three New Articles Assess the Success of Two U.S. Cities’ Efforts To Fight Obesity

September/October (October 01, 2009)

Health Care Reform in Massachusetts: The Employer Response

September/October (September 29, 2009)

In a new study, researchers find lessons from the 1918-19 flu pandemic

September/October (September 17, 2009)

Health Affairs Article Examines Spending Patterns in Children's Health Care Programs; Also Online: Three Reflections on Senator Kennedy's Health Care Legacy

September/October (September 15, 2009)

Health Affairs Examines Employer Coverage Trends, Potential Impact Of Public Plan

September/October (September 10, 2009)

Respondents To The Current Population Survey Often Can't Accurately Recall Their Insurance Status Throughout The Previous Year

September/October (September 09, 2009)

U.S. Health Spending To Consume Vastly Greater Share Of Personal Income If Nation Doesn't Slow The Rate Of Growth, Analysis Shows

July/August (September 01, 2009)

Current Methods Of Estimating The Cost Of Federal Health Initiatives May Underestimate The Impact Of Efforts To Combat Chronic Disease

July/August (August 25, 2009)

Europe Has Expanded Its Lead Over The United States In Pharmaceutical Research Productivity

July/August (August 20, 2009)

Despite Wide Adoption, Little Evidence of eICU Impact on Intensive Care Cost/Quality

July/August (August 18, 2009)

Are Americans Willing To Pay For Expanding Health Coverage?

July/August (August 11, 2009)

Are Health Policy Researchers Doing A Good Job Of Providing Decisionmakers With Relevant And Reliable Information?

July/August (August 06, 2009)

Examining The Health Workforce In Africa

July/August (August 04, 2009)

Health-Related Games: The Latest Tool In The Medical Care Arsenal

July/August (July 30, 2009)

How Could Congress Lower Drug Prices For Medicare Part D?

July/August (July 27, 2009)

Medical Spending On Obesity Reaches $147 Billion Annually

July/August (July 23, 2009)

Should Nonprofit Hospitals Have To Meet Thresholds For Community Benefit Spending To Retain Their Tax Exemptions?

July/August (July 21, 2009)

Are Second-Generation Antipsychotic Drugs Being Overused Or Misused?

July/August (July 16, 2009)

A New Health Insurance Purchasing Exchange Or A New Public Health Plan Could Require New Federal Underwriting And Coverage Standards

July/August (July 14, 2009)

Eliminating Polio Requires Global, Coordinated Effort -- Health Affairs Article Highlights Potential Risks, Rewards Of Worldwide Eradication

May/June (July 9, 2009)

Obesity-Related Hospitalizations For Children And Youth Nearly Doubled Between 1999 And 2005

May/June (July 7, 2009)

How Well Did Health Departments Communicate About Swine Flu At The Start Of The Epidemic?

May/June (June 30 2009)

Benefits Of Proposed New Global Plan To Fight Tuberculosis Would Dwarf Costs in Sub-Saharan Africa

May/June (June 25 2009)

A New Center For Comparative Effectiveness Research Should Leave Cost-Effectiveness Analysis To Others, Wilensky Says

May/June (June 23 2009)

Study Finds Higher Numbers Of Eligible But Uninsured Children In "Mixed Eligibility" Families

May/June (June 18 2009)

Executive And Legislative Branches Of Both Parties Underfund The Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Services, Weems Says

May/June (June 16 2009)

Should Health Care Come With A Warranty?

May/June (June 12 2009)

Recession Is Easing Nurse Shortage, But Longer-Term Shortage Still Looms

May/June (June 02 2009)

Out-Of-Pocket Health Care Costs Rise For Workers With Employer Coverage

Cost-Sharing Requirements For Publicly Insured Children Can Save The Government Money, But They Can Also Create Heavy Burdens For Families

May/June (28 May 2009)

Massachusetts Has Sustained Coverage And Access Gains From Landmark 2006 Reforms

At Least 7 Million More Americans Projected To Become Uninsured By 2010

May/June (21 May 2009)

At Hospitals, More Intensive And Costly Treatment Does Not Bring Higher-Quality Care

May/June (19 May 2009)

What 'Patient-Centered' Should Mean: Confessions Of An Extremist

May/June (14 May 2009)

Physician Practices' Interactions With Health Plans Cost $31 Billion A Year, Equaling 6.9% Of All Spending For Physician And Clinical Services, New Study Finds

May/June (12 May 2009)

Medicare Receives Higher Ratings Than Employer-Based Insurance

May/June (5 May 2009)

Health Affairs Thematic Issue On Mental Health Care Explores U.S. Mental Health Care Trends, Comparative Effectiveness, Access For Veterans, And Supported Employment

March/April (29 April 2009)

RWJF, Health Affairs Launch Health Policy Briefs

March/April (28 April 2009)

Medicaid Physician Fees Grew 15 Percent From 2003 To 2008, Narrowing Gap With Medicare Physician Payment Rates

March/April (21 April 2009)

Most Americans Support A Health Care Reform Plan Requiring Individuals To Purchase Health Coverage Only When The Plan Also Includes Shared Responsibility With Government, Employers, And Insurers

March/April (14 April 2009)

Two-Thirds Of Primary Care Physicians Can't Get Mental Health Services For Patients

March/April (7 April 2009)

Researchers Led By Leading Patient-Safety Analyst Working To Form Public-Private Alliance To Improve Patient Safety

March/April (31 March 2009)

Thailand Had Achieved Near-Universal Coverage Under Its "30 Baht" Program

March/April (24 March 2009)

Researchers Examine Lessons From California's Health Reform Efforts

March/April (19 March 2009)

GlaxoSmithKline CEO Calls For Innovative Measures To Fight Neglected Diseases

March/April (17 March 2009)

What Are The Lessons Of SCHIP For The New Round Of Health Reform?

March/April (10 March 2009)

Health Affairs Explores Benefits, Challenges To Nation's Uptake Of Health Information Technology

March/April (9 March 2009)

Health Affairs Series On Health IT And Economic Stimulus Plan Offers Lessons Learned, Potential Roadblocks To Adoption Amid Massive Federal Investment In Health IT

March/April (3 March 2009)

African American Heart Attack Patients Are Disproportionately Likely To Be Admitted To High-Mortality Hospitals

January/February (24 February 2009)

Study Offers Annual Estimates Of Health Spending By Medical Condition

January/February (24 February 2009)

U.S. Health Spending Projected To Have Reached $2.4 Trillion In 2008

January/February (18 February 2009)

Sweeping 2005 Medicaid Cuts In Missouri Led To Coverage Losses, Greater Uncompensated Care Burdens On Providers

January/February (10 February 2009)

After California Implemented Minimum Nurse-Staffing Regulations, Wage For RNs Grew Faster In California Than In Other States

January/February (3 February 2009)

Medicare Drug Benefit Reduced Costs For Seniors And Increased Their Use Of Essential Medications

January/February (27 January 2009)

Can Payment, Other Innovations Improve Health Care?

January/February (16 January 2009)

The Prospects For Health Reform: Leading Experts Outline A Health Policy Agenda For The Obama Administration And Congress

January/February (6 January 2009)

Out-Of-Pocket Payments For Health Care Rose During Past Decade; Increase in Chronic Disease Played Key Role

November/December (16 December 2008)

Introducing Pharmaceutical Price Controls Into U.S. Would Hurt Consumers, RAND Researchers Say

November/December (4 December 2008)

Doctors, Dollars & Quality: A Health Affairs Web Exclusive Package

November/December (2 December 2008)

Survey Reveals High Level Of Concern About Regulatory And Reimbursement Risk Among Venture Capitalists

November/December (24 November 2008)

Expansion Of Medicare Private Health Plans Increases Medicare Costs, Adds Complexity Without Evidence Of Improving Care, Studies Published In Health Affairs Show

November/December (18 November 2008)

Medicaid Payment Delays Deter Physician Participation

November/December (13 November 2008)

New International Survey: More Than Half Of U.S. Chronically Ill Adults Skip Needed Care Due To Costs

November/December (10 November 2008) REVISED

New Health Affairs Study Charts Dramatic Rise In Medical Imaging, Associated Health Care Spending

November/December (10 November 2008)

Dramatic Rise In Medical Imaging Adds More Than $1.2 Million to Annual Medicare Bill, Says New Health Affairs Study

September/October (28 October 2008)

Public Health Insurance Subsidies In Massachusetts Are Not Crowding Out Employer-Sponsored Coverage

September/October (21 October 2008)

Harvard Analysts Dissect Five Myths About The American Health Insurance System

September/October (14 October 2008)

Many Florida Medicaid Reform Enrollees Lacked Key Information About Medicaid Changes, Leading To Reported Difficulties With Choosing A Health Plan

September/October (7 October 2008)

Spending For Mental Health And Substance Abuse Treatment Is Projected To Grow More Slowly Than All Health Spending Between 2003 And 2014

September/October (30 September 2008)

Youth Exposure To Tobacco Advertising In Magazines Has Decreased Since Settlement Between States And Manufacturers

September/October (24 September 2008)

Yearly Premiums For Family Health Coverage Rise To $12,680 In 2008, Up 5 Percent, As Many Workers Also Face Higher Deductibles

September/October (16 September 2008)

Experts Critique McCain And Obama Health Plans

September/October (10 September 2008)

Large Physician Groups Score Low On Key Measures Of "Medical Home" Approach To Care

July/August (3 September 2008)

Supreme Court MetLife Decision May Lead To More Approved Employee Health Benefit Claims, And More Litigation Over Denied Claims

July/August (29 August 2008)

Three Years After Katrina,Those Who Remain Displaced Receive Little Help For Chronic And Mental Health Needs

July/August (25 August 2008)

Uninsured Currently Spend $30 Billion Out Of Pocket For Health Care; Government Dollars Pay For 75 Percent Of $56 Billion In Uncompensated Care

July/August (19 August 2008)

Is Overreliance On Technical Standards Undermining Efforts To Use IT To Transform The U.S. Health System?

July/August (12 August 2008)

Safety-Net Providers Adopt Strategies To Attract Higher-Paying Patients

July/August (5 August 2008)

Enlarging Pre-Approval Clinical Trials Could Be A Cost-Effective Way Of Improving Drug Safety

July/August (29 July 2008)

Public Sector Finances More Than Half Of U.S. Health Care: Government Financing Targets The Sickest And Oldest, Not Only The Poorest

July/August (22 July 2008)

Number Of Working-Age Adults With Major Chronic Conditions Grew 25 Percent Over 10 Years; Access To Care Eroded The Most Among Uninsured

July/August (15 July 2008)

Pilot Project Shows Potential Of Quality Improvement TechniquesTo Increase Public Health Emergency Preparedness

July/August (8 July 2008)

China Facing Rapid Increase In Overweight, Obese Adults

May/June (24 June 2008)

Covering Low-Income Americans Through Public Rather Than Private Health Insurance Would Lower Total Spending And Out-Of-Pocket Payments

May/June (17 June 2008)

George Mason Scientists Say Determining Which Proteins Are Active During Diseases Could Allow Expensive Treatments To Be Better Targeted

May/June (10 June 2008)

Insured But Poorly Protected: 25 Million Adults Are Underinsured; Number Up 60 Percent In 4 Years

May/June (3 June 2008)

Uninsurance Rate Among Massachusetts Adults Fell By Almost Half In First Year After Landmark Reforms, Says New Urban Institute Study

May/June (28 May 2008)

South Korean Pharmaceutical Reforms Failed To Reduce Costs

May/June (20 May 2008)

Researchers Describe Going Beyond Limitations Of Current Physician Performance Measurement

May/June (13 May 2008)

New Health Affairs Issue Focuses On Health Care Reform

March/April (6 May 2008)

Workers In Fair Or Poor Health With Individual Health Insurance Are Less Likely to Become Uninsured Than Similar Workers With Small-Group Coverage

March/April (29 April 2008)

The United States Faces A Shortage Of Generalist Physicians To Provide Primary Care For Adults

March/April (22 April 2008)

Racial And Ethnic Health Disparities Linked To Physician Practice Resources

March/April (15 April 2008)

Modest Number Of Uninsured Families Have Sufficient Assets To Cover Cost-Sharing In HSA-Qualified Plans

March/April (8 April 2008)

Dutch And German Health Ministers Talk With Leading U.S. Analysts In Health Affairs Web Exclusive Interviews

March/April (1 April 2008)

Treatment Gaps And Other Disruputions Increased After Maine Medicaid Program Instituted A "Prior Authorization" Requirement For Certain Schizophrenia Drugs

March 28, 2008

Top Health Policy Journalist Susan Dentzer To Become New Health Affairs Editor-in-Chief

March/April (25 March 2008)

Eliminating Medicare Waiting Period For All Disabled Workers Would Cover The Uninsured But Displace Private Insurance

March/April (18 March 2008)

Physician-Owners Of Ambulatory Surgical Centers Siphon Off High-Paying Privately Insured Patients, say Researchers

March/April (11 March 2008)

Black, Latino Children More Than 12 Times As Likely As White Children To Both Be Poor, Live In Poor Neighborhoods, Which May Negatively Affect Their Health

March/April (7 March 2008)

James C. Robinson To Step Down As Health Affairs Editor-In-Chief And Return To Economics Chair At Berkeley

March/April (4 March 2008)

Berenson Proposes New Method Of Paying Medicare Advantage Plans In Health Affairs Web Exclusive

January/February (26 February 2008)

Health Care Spending Expected To Double By 2017, Reaching $4.3 Trillion And Consuming Nearly One-Fifth Of The Economy, Federal Report Says

January/February (20 February 2008)

Coverage Losses Continued Even As The Economy Improved From 2004 Through 2006

January/February (12 February 2008)

Variations In Hospital Treatment Intensity Are Important Across Different Hospital Patient Groups, Researchers Find In California Study

January/February (5 February 2008)

Uninsured Californians Pay Net Hospital Prices Similar To Those Paid By Medicare, RAND Researchers Report

January/February (29 January 2008)

State Coverage Expansions Could Lay The Groundwork For National Action, Say Researchers

January/February (23 January 2008)

Americans Are Waiting Longer To See A Doctor In Hospital Emergency Departments, Harvard Medical School Researchers Report

January/February (15 January 2008)

Americans Are Waiting Longer To See A Doctor In Hospital Emergency Departments, Harvard Medical School Researchers Report

January/February (8 January 2008)

New Prescription Drug Benefit Fuels Fastest Growth In Medicare Spending In 25 Years, Say Federal Experts In Health Affairs Article

November/December (18 December 2007)

Parity Legislation Could Actually Reduce Access To Mental Health Treatment If Out-Of-Network Benefits Are Not Guaranteed, Researchers Warn

November/December (11 December 2007)

New Survey From Harvard Researchers Casts Serious Doubt On Future Of Regional Health Data Exchange

November/December (4 December 2007)

HHS Secretary Leavitt: It's Time for The Federal Govenment To Use Its Buying Power to Promote Health IT Interoperability

November/December (27 November 2007)

For New Cancer Drugs, Finding The Right Patients May Work Better Than Finding The Right Prices

November/December (14 November 2007)

Massachusetts Business Express Support For Health Care Reform Objectives

November/December (6 November 2007)

Changing Population Age-Mix Affects Health Care Costs Only Modestly, CMS Researchers Say

November/December (1 November 2007)

Health Affairs Presents Award For Bipartisan Collaboration To Senators Max Baucus And Chuck Grassley

November/December (1 November 2007)

Health Affairs Names Jack Wennberg As The Most Influential Health Policy Researcher Of Past Quarter-Century

November/December (1 November 2007)

New Study: Medicare Part D Increases Medication Consumption By 158 Million Prescriptions, Costs Federal Government $32 Billion

November/December (1 November 2007)

International Survey: U.S. Adults Most Likely To Report Medical Errors And Skip Needed Care Because Of Costs

September/October (23 October 2007)

Include Substance Abuse Treatment In Parity Requirements, Say Yale Researchers

September/October (16 October 2007)

Vermont's Catamount Health Reforms: The View From The Governor's Office

September/October (9 October 2007)

Having Zero Adverse Events In Hospitals Is Now A Realistic Goal, Lucian Leape Says In Health Affairs Interview

September/October (2 October 2007)

American Adults More Likely Than Europeans To Be Diagnosed With, Treated For Chronic Diseases

September/October (25 September 2007)

Tackle Public Health And Poverty Together, Says Thai Policy Leader Who Has Led Efforts Against Population Growth, HIV/AIDS

September/October (18 September 2007)

CMS Study: New England, Mideast Regions Spend Significantly More On Health Care Than Other States

September/October (11 September 2007)

Expanding Health Insurrance To Uninsured Could Narrow Access And Quality Gaps For People Wiith Coverage, New Study Finds

July/August (29 August 2007)

Two Years After Katrina, Are We Ready To Do Better When The Next Disaster Hits? No, Says One Gulf-Area Health Care Safety-Net Provider

July/August (21 August 2007)

Study Finds That Medicare's Drug Benefit Greatly Increased Seniors' Coverage; Some Continue To Be Vulnerable To High Costs

July/August (16 August 2007)

Covering Children Through SCHIP And Medicaid: A Success Story, But An Incomplete One

July/August (14 August 2007)

States That Offer Generous Medicaid Coverage Of Children Should Be Allowed To Cover Young Adults Through SCHIP, Says Leading Expert On Program

July/August (7 August 2007)

Fluidity In Eligibility Underlies Churning Into And Out Of Medicaid And SCHIP

July/August (1 August 2007)

California Data Exchange Project Offers Valuable Lessons For National Health IT Efforts

July/August (26 July 2007)

Simply Holding Onto Children Already Enrolled In Medicaid And SCHIP Could Cut Uninsurance In Children By One-Third

July/August (24 July 2007)

The Consumer Revolution In Health Care Has Barely Begun

July/August (17 July 2007)

Satisfaction With Health Status Is Consistent Around The World, Report Gallup CEO Jim Clifton And Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich

July/August (16 July 2007)

Paying For Health Care Out Of Pocket Impoverishes 150 Million Worldwide; Payment Systems Can't Help

July/August (10 July 2007)

Health Affairs Article Details Care Redesign At Seattle Medical Center

May/June (26 June 2007)

Pay-For-Performance In Medicaid Managed Care: Money Talks, But Only If There's Enough Of It, And Only If Plans Talk To Providers As Well

May/June (19 June 2007)

Evidence-Based Medicine Should Focus On Evidence Of Value, Not Just Evidence Of Benefit, Say David Eddy And Sean Tunis

May/June (14 June 2007)

Small-Group And Individual Health Coverage In California Is Becoming Less Affordable

May/June (7 June 2007)

Health Benefits For Substance Abuse Treatment Still Lag Far Behind Coverage For General Medical Care

May/June (4 June 2007)

What Makes Insurance 'Affordable'? States Must Look Beyond Premiums To All Health Spending, Say Researchers

May/June (22 May 2007)

TennCare's Flawed Structure Doomed The Program Says Tennessee Governor

May/June (15 May 2007)

Growth In Private Fee-For-Service Plans Accounts For Much Of The Increase In Choice Among Medicare Advantage Plans

May/June (8 May 2007)

What's Riskier: Driving In A Car Or Taking Aspirin To Prevent A Heart Attack? New Health Affairs Study By Tufts-New England Medical Center Researchers Tries To Answer The Question

May/June (1 May 2007)

Growth And Innovation In Medical Devices: A Conversation With Stryker Chairman John Brown

March/April (24 April 2007)

Malpractice Premium Spike In Pennsylvania Did Not Decrease Physician Supply

March/April (17 April 2007)

Physician Self-Refferal: Banned, But Surprisingly Common

March/April (10 April 2007)

Pay-For-Performance And Public Quality Reporting: A Boon For Most, But A Potential Burden For The Most Vulnerable Patients

March/April (3 April 2007)

Wide Gap Between Vision For E-Prescribing And Reality In Physician Practices; Physicians Report Major Barriers To Using Advanced E-Prescribing Features

March/April (27 March 2007)

Going Beyond Health Care Availability In Lower-Income Countries: Researchers Focus On Measuring And Improving Quality Of Care In The Developing World

March/April (13 March 2007)

Technology Can Lower Health Care Costs Through Disruptive Innovation, Says Harvard Researcher

March/April (6 March 2007)

SCHIP's Advances Could Halt If Funding Does Not Increase, Warn Researchers In March-April Issue of Health Affairs

January/February 2007 (23 February 2007)

Fundamental Medicaid Reform, Not Spending Cuts, Vital For Program's Continued Success, Say Analysts In Health Affairs Article

January/February 2007 (21 February 2007)

Health Care Spending Projected To Pass $4 Trillion Mark By 2016

January/February 2007 (15 February 2007)

Health Information Technology Will Enable Big Savings, But Much Work Remains To Be Done, Says Brailer

January/February 2007 (13 February 2007)

Imaging Is Transforming The Practice Of Medicine, Say Experts From Industry And Academe

January/February 2007 (6 February 2007)

Self-Pay Markets In Health Care: Consumer Nirvana Or Caveat Emptor?

January/February 2007 (30 January 2007)

Cost-Sharing Levels Should Vary By Treatment Efficacy, Say Health Affairs Authors

January/February 2007 (26 January 2007)

Researchers Call For Rapid Learning Through Electronic Health Records To Advance Knowledge, Improve Care

November/December 2006 (19 December 2006)

Health Affairs Article Dissects The Rise And Fall Of The Oregon Health Plan

November/December 2006 (5 December 2006)

Hospital-Physician Rift Leads To "Medical Arms Race" And Endangers Emergency Care, Berenson Says in Health Affairs Web Exclusive

November/December 2006 (30 November 2006)

More Than Half Of Uninsured Americans Cannot Afford Coverage And Are Not Eligible For Public Programs

November/December 2006 (28 November 2006)

The Health Insurance Industry Will Continue To Consolidate, Says WellPoint CEO

November/December 2006 (21 November 2006)

More Medicare Part D Choices On The Way For 2007. But Dearth Of Full Coverage In "Doughnut Hole" To Persist

November/December 2006 (14 November 2006)

Americans Value Health Plan Choice, Expanded Coverage As Long As They Don't Have To Pay: New Survey

November/December 2006 (7 November 2006)

Wilensky Outlines Vision Of New Center For Comparative Effectiveness Information

November/December 2006 (2 November 2006)

New International Survey Of Primary Care Physicians: Most U.S. Doctors Unable To Provide Patients Access To After-Hours Care; Half Lack Access To Drug Safety Alert System

September/October 2006 (24 October 2006)

RAND Researchers Say Consumer-Directed Plans Can Save Money, But Effects On Quality Are Still Uncertain

September/October 2006 (17 October 2006)

Public Wants Action On Health Care Costs And The Uninsured, Even Though Media Focus On Part D And Academics Write About Quality

September/October 2006 (12 October 2006)

Narrative Matters: The Power of the Personal Essay in Health Policy

September/October 2006 (11 October 2006)

Landmark Public-Private Effort Finds One Quarter Of Physicians Using Electronic Health Records, But Fewer Using Systems With Key Capabilities

September/October 2006 (26 September 2006)

Health Care Spending Growth Stays In High-Altitude Holding Pattern In 2005

September/October 2006 (26 September 2006)

Health Insurance Premium Growth Moderates Slightly In 2006, But Still Increases Twice As Fast As Wages And Inflation

September/October 2006 (20 September 2006)

New Scorecard Offers Comprehensive View Of U.S. Health Care System And Finds Much Room For Improvement

September/October 2006 (14 September 2006)

Massachusetts Health Reform Plan Offers Great Benefits, But Significant Challenges Remain

September/October 2006 (12 September 2006)

Medicare Part D Greatly Expands Access To Cancer Treatments, Says Study In Health Affairs Biotech Theme Issue

September/October 2006 (6 September 2006)

Under British Pay-For-Performance Initiative, Quality Is Unexpectedly High, But So Are Payments

July/August 2006 (29 August 2006)

Hurricane Katrina Underscored The Need To Revamp The New Orleans Health Care System, Say Kaiser Authors In Health Affairs

July/August 2006 (22 August 2006)

Medicare Beneficiaries Treated For Five Or More Chronic Conditions Account For Virtually All Program Spending Growth

July/August 2006 (15 August 2006)

BiDil Is An Important Advance In The Fight Against Heart Failure's Disproportionate Toll On The Black Community, Researcher Says

July/August 2006 (8 August 2006)

In Areas Where Cesareans Are More Frequent, The Operation Is Performed On Less Appropriate Patients

July/August 2006 (1 August 2006)

New Study Confirms That Medicare Has Met Its 90 Percent Enrollment Goal For Medicare Part D

July/August 2006 (25 July 2006)

Specialty-Service Lines: Salvos In The New Medical Arms Race

July/August 2006 (18 July 2006)

Hospital Emergency Department Use Varies Greatly Across The United States

July/August 2006 (11 July 2006)

In Health Affairs July/August Theme Issue On Public Health, Studies Question Whether Public Health Infrastructure Is Prepared For New Challenges

May/June 2006 (26 June 2006)

Hospitals Steps Ease Nurse Shortage In Near Term, But Long-Term Worries Persist

May/June 2006 (22 June 2006)

Health Affairs Founding Editor John Iglehart Receives AcademyHealth Chair Award

May/June 2006 (20 June 2006)

Researchers Find That Impact Of Nonprofits, And Grounds for Tax Exemption, Range Far Beyond Care For Indigent

May/June 2006 (6 June 2006)

In Comprehensive Look At Evidence-Based Drug Project, Neumann Says That Reviews Should Consider Cost-Effectiveness

May/June 2006 (23 May 2006)

Researchers Find That Premiums And Coverage Vary Widely Among Medicare Drug Plans

May/June 2006 (18 May 2006)

Hip And Knee Replacements Are Less Expensive Than Ever, Says Former Biomet President

May/June 2006 (16 May 2006)

Expensive Biotech Drug Are Worth It, Says Caltech President Baltimore

May/June 2006 (9 May 2006)

Erosion Of Community-Based Services For The Mentally Ill Reported In Health Affairs May/June Issue On Mental Health Care

May/June 2006 (8 May 2006)

Study Says That AMA Data Belie Claims Of Medical Malpractice Premium Crisis

May/June 2006 (2 May 2006)

Cutting Premiums Expands Coverage In Individual Market Only Modestly, Says RAND California Study

March/April 2006 (25 April 2006)

Most States Have Used HIFA Waiver Process To Expand Coverage Without Cutting Benefits For Existing Enrollees

Politics, Not Policy, Killed TennCare, Advocate Declares

March/April 2006 (18 April 2006)

Public Employees' Health Benefits Weather Rising Costs and Tight Budgets

March/April 2006 (11 April 2006)

Impact Of Community Initiatives On The Uninsured Limited By Economic and Political Obstacles

March/April 2006 (28 March 2006)

Population Aging Plays Small Role In Growing Demand For Hospital Services

March/April 2006 (21 March 2006)

Social Insurance Makes Markets Possible, Yale Scholars Say

March/April 2006 (14 March 2006)

Biomedical Entrepreneur Working On Plan To Translate Basic Research Into Products

March/April 2006 (09 March 2006)

Zerhouni Says Today's Curative Model Of Medical Practice Is Unsustainable

March/April 2006 (07 March 2006)

Super-Resistant Malaria Strains Likely Without Global Subsidies Of Critical New Therapies, According To New Study In Health Affairs

January/February 2006 (28 February 2006)

Medical Costs Contribute To Fewer Than One In Five Bankruptcies, Say Kellogg Management School Researchers.

January/February 2006 (22 February 2006)

One In Every Five Dollars Devoted To Health Care By 2015; Federal Forecasters Predict That Health Spending Will Reach $4 Trillion in Ten Years.

January/February 2006 (14 February 2006)

Information-Based Medicine Is Coming; IBM IT Exec Outlines Corporate Role In Bridging Gap Between Research and Practice

January/February 2006 (7 February 2006)

Dartmouth Researchers Say Rising Health Care Costs Don't Necessarily Buy Better Health

January/February 2006 (31 January 2006)

Daschle Calls For Comprehensive Health Care Reform; Sees Conditions As Increasingly Ripe For Change

January/February 2006 (24 January 2006)

Americans Favor Quarantines To Combat Diseases, But Are Skeptical Of Tough Enforcement And Monitoring

January/February 2006 (17 January 2006)

Are Adults Benefiting From State Health Insurance Expansions? Public Coverage Grows, But Sometimes At Expense Of Private Coverage

January/February 2006 (10 January 2006)

Health Affairs January-February Issue Surveys Challenges Facing Hospitals

November/December 2005 (13 December 2005)

Transparency Is Needed To Turn Consumer-Directed Health Care Into True Reform, Aetna CEO Says in Health Affairs Interview

November/December 2005 (6 December 2005)

Economic Disparities Drive Widening Rift In Health Care Access And Quality

November/December 2005 (29 November 2005)

Wide Benefits, Lack Of Cost Restraint, Crippled TennCare, Head Of Tennessee Blues Says In Health Affairs Article

November/December 2005 (16 November 2005)

Health Affairs Article Shows Wide Variations In Treatment Of Chronically Ill Medicare Beneficiaries In California

November/December 2005 (10 November 2005)

Well-Designed Consumer-Directed Health Plans Could Reduce The Number Of Uninsured Americans

November/December 2005 (3 November 2005)

International Survey: U.S. Leads In Medical Errors

November/December 2005 (1 November 2005)

Losses In Employer-Sponsored Insurance Lead To Increase In Uninsurance Rates Between 2000 and 2004

September/October 2005 (25 October 2005)

Physicians More Likely To Treat Less Acute, More Profitable Patients In Less Specialty Hospitals That They Own Health Affairs Article Says

September/October 2005 (18 October 2005)

Health Affairs Article Proposes Increase In FDA User Fees To Finance Drug-Safety Analyses

September/October 2005 (11 October 2005)

Approval Of Drug Marketed To African Americans Raises Political And Economic Issues, Clouds Understanding of Health Disparities

September/October 2005 (4 October 2005)

New Proposal Provides Comprehensive Benefits Option For Medicare Beneficiaries

September/October 2005 (26 September 2005)

Medical Innovations Will Result In Better

Health And Longer Life, But Will Increase, Not Decrease, Elderly Spending

September/October 2005 (14 September 2005)

Widespread Adoption Of Health Information Technology Could Save $162 Billion A Year, Says RAND Study, But The Federal Government Needs To Help

July/August 2005 (7 September 2005)

Trend Toward Competition Among Individual Providers Could Further Fragment Market, Reduce Continuity Of Care

July/August 2005 (30 August 2005)

Survey Detects Variations In Response Speed Among Public Health Agencies, Despite Federal Guidelines

July/August 2005 (23 August 2005)

New Analysis Shows That PPO Incentives Will Cost Medicare $60 Billion Over Ten Years

July/August 2005 (16 August 2005)

States Took Short-Term Actions To Close Gaps In Medicaid Spending, But Legislators Still Face Deficits, Health Affairs Article Says

July/August 2005 (9 August 2005)

When The Price Isn't Right: How Inaccurate Payments Drive Expensive Medical Care

July/August 2005 (4 August 2005)

Top Pentagon Health Care Official Weighs In On Medical Staffing, Prisoner Abuse In Health Affairs Interview

July/August 2005 (2 August 2005)

Global Health Organizations Need To Address Funding, Systems Address Widespread Disease Threats, Development Official Says

July/August 2005 (26 July 2005)

Health Affairs Marks Medicare, Medicaid Fortieth Anniversaries With Commentaries From Seven Former Administrators

July/August 2005 (12 July 2005)

Higher Prices, Not Defensive Medicine Or Waiting Lists, Explain Why U.S. Health Care Spending Is So High

May/June 2005 (27 June 2005)

New Health Affairs Study: Private Insurance Spending On Health Problems Caused By Obesity Increased Tenfold In Fifteen Years, From $3.6 Billion to $36.5 Billion

May/June 2005 (21 June 2005)

Reprieve from Faster-Growing Health Care Spending Stalled in 2004

May/June 2005 (14 June 2005)

New Study: At Least 16 Million Adults With Health Insurance Lack Adequate Coverage; Number Of Uninsured And Underinsured Adults Estimated At 61 Million

May/June 2005 (7 June 2005)

New Health Affairs Study: Federal Health Coverage Expansion Proposals Have Disparate Impact Across States.

May/June 2005 (31 May 2005)

Malpractice Crisis Under The Microscope: New Health Affairs Study Finds That Malpractice Payouts Have Not Grown Substantially.

May/June 2005 (17 May 2005)

California Employers, Workers Cool To High-Deductible Health Plans, Although Firms Consider Them As Option, Health Affairs Article Says.

May/June 2005 (10 May 2005)

New Health Affairs Issue Assesses Vaccine Shortages; Calls Pediatric Vaccine Supply Precarious

May/June 2005 (3 May 2005)

Urban, Coastal Areas Drove Passage Of California's Landmark Tax To Support Mental Health Services.

March/April 2005 (26 April 2005)

Health Affairs Article Outlines Challenges For Demonstration Projects Authorized Under 2003 Medicare Law

March/April 2005 (19 April 2005)

Medicare Drug Benefit Will Help Seniors, But Chronically Ill Will Pay More Than Average Enrollee, Health Affairs Article Says

March/April 2005 (5 April 2005)

More Than One In Four Workers Will Be Uninsured In 2013 As Coverage Becomes More Unaffordabe, Health Affairs Article Says

March/April 2005 (29 March 2005)

Prescription Drugs Replace Inpatient Mental Health Treatment With The Introduction Of New Medications And Cost Pressures

March/April 2005 (23 March 2005)

Authors Propose Universal Coverage Plan Using Federal Health Plan And Medicaid, Financed By New Value-Added Tax

March/April 2005 (15 March 2005)

Death Rates Lower In Areas With More Primary Care Physicians, But Not Specialists, Health Affairs Article Says

March/April 2005 (9 March 2005)

New Health Affairs Issue Assesses Progress Made In Eliminating Health Disparities

March/April 2005 (1 March 2005)

Health Care A 'Second-Tier' Issue In 2004 Election, Trailing Values, Economy, And War, Health Affairs Article Says

January/February 2005 (23 February 2005)

Medicare Drug Benefit Raises Public-Sector Contributions To Health Care Spending

January/February 2005 (2 February 2005)

Middle-Class Workers With Health Coverage Represent Most Medical Bankruptcies In America, Health Affairs Article Says

January/February 2005 (26 January 2005)

A Sharp Rise In Enrollment During The Economic Downturn Triggered Medicaid Spending To Increase By One-Third From FY2000-2003

January/February 2005 (25 January 2005)

Cardiovascular Disease And Its Risk Factors Jeopardize Middle-Aged Populations, Economic Growth In Developing Countries

January/February 2005 (19 January 2005)

More Compatible Health Care Information Systems Could Yield $77.8 Billion In Savings Every Year, Health Affairs Article Says

January/February 2005 (11 January 2005)

Health Spending Grows At Slowest Pace In Seven Years; Health Care Bill Still Reaches $1.7 Trillion

November/December 2004 (21 December 2004)

Health Affairs Receives Grant From The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation To Expand Publication Of Global Health Research And Analysis

November/December 2004 (15 December 2004)

Medicare Modernization Act Undermines Fee-For-Service Program By Overpaying Managed Care Plans, Health Affairs Article Says

November/December 2004 (8 December 2004)

Means-Testing Expensive Health Technologies Could Improve Medicare's Long-Term Finances, Health Affairs Article Says

November/December 2004 (30 November 2004)

U.S. Health Care System Earns C+ For Patient Safety

November/December 2004 (17 November 2004)

Health Affairs Supports Goal of Improved Access to Research; Voices Concerns on NIH Plan Details

Nurse Workforce Growing, Yet Long-Term Shortage Still Looms On Horizon, Health Affairs Article Says

November/December 2004 (10 November 2004)

Survey Finds Many Health Care Consumers Willing To Accept Limits On Service Use In Exchange For Lower Costs

September/October 2004 (28 October 2004)

Patients Report Barriers To Primary Care, Lab Test Errors Or Delays, International Survey In Five Nations Reveals

September/October 2004 (20 October 2004)

Obesity Accounts For Nearly 30 Percent Of Overall Health Spending Increase Since 1987, Health Affairs Analysis Says

September/October 2004 (13 October 2004)

Average Uninsured Workers' Pay Could Drop After California's 'Play-Or-Pay' Health Insurance Law

September/October 2004 (7 October 2004)

Dartmouth Studies Show Wide Variations In Hospital Care And Outcomes For Chronically Ill Medicare Patients

September/October 2004 (29 September 2004)

Generic-Only Coverage In Medicare HMOs Leads To Higher Out-Of-Pocket Costs, Lower Drug Use For Enrollees, Health Affairs Study Says

September/October 2004 (14 September 2004)

New Survery: Majority Of Americans Say Health Care Needs Of Children And The Elderly Are Not Being Met

July/August 2004 (25 August 2004)

Significant Rise In Number Of People Treated For Mental Disorders And Selected Chronic Illnesses Driving Up Health Spending

July/August 2004 (11 August 2004)

Driven By Rising Costs, Managed Care Plans Dust Off Practices That Triggered 1990s Backlash, Health Affairs Article Says

July/August 2004 (28 July 2004)

Differences In Demand Drive Differences In Generic Dispensing Rates Between Retail Pharmacies And PBMs, Health Affairs Article Says

July/August 2004 (21 July 2004)

Reducing Drug Prices To Those Of France, Canada, And The U.K. Would Allow Medicare To Eliminate The 'Doughnut Hole'

July/August 2004 (14 July 2004)

Survey Reveals 'Mismatch' Between Workers' Expectations And Reality Of Employer-Provided Retiree Health Benefits

July/August 2004 (7 July 2004)

Malpractice Pressures Dampening Physician Satisfaction, Hurting Patient Care, Study Says

May/June 2004 (23 June 2004)

Medicaid Physician Fees Outpace Inflation From 1998 To 2003, But Still Lag Behind Those Of Medicare

May/June 2004 (16 June 2004)

Average Medicaid Nursing Home Payment Rates Outpace Inflation, Although Some States Are More Stingy, Health Affairs Article Says

May/June 2004 (9 June 2004)

Health Care Spending Growth in 2003 Posts First Major Slowdown in a Decade

May/June 2004 (2 June 2004)

Workforce Characteristics A Bigger Influence On Coverage Rates Than State Policies, Health Affairs Article Says

May/June 2004 (25 May 2004)

Access To Patient Information, Safeguards Against Commercial Bias Keys To Electronic Prescribing, Expert Panel Says

May/June 2004 (19 May 2004)

Insurers Drop Utilization Review, Adopt Medical Management To Moderate Costs, Enhance Quality Of Care, Health Affairs Analysis Says

May/June 2004 (4 May 2004)

U.S. Health Spending Continues To Outpace International Health Spending Despite The Spread Of Managed Care

March/April 2004 (28 April 2004)

Drug Advertising Leads To New Treatments, Lifestyle Changes, and Prescriptions For Advertised Pharmaceuticals

March/April 2004 (21 April 2004)

Employers Say Consumer-Driven Health Plans Likely To Grow, But Have Concerns That Sicker Employees Won't Enroll

March/April 2004 (14 April 2004)

Medicare Prescription Drug Discount Card Program Could Save All Seniors Without Drug Coverage A Total Of $1 Billion

March/April 2004 (7 April 2004)

New Study: States With Higher Medicare Spending Offer Lower-Quality Care

March/April 2004 (24 March 2004)

New Health Affairs Papers Compare The Costs Of Universal Coverage With The Social Costs Of Uninsurance

March/April 2004 (24 March 2004)

Study Says Patient Access, Capacity Keeping Pace With Demand At Emergency Departments In California

Media Advisory (17 March 2004)

Free Access To Science: A Model For The Dissemination Of Scientific Literature

March/April 2004 (17 March 2004)

Employer Mandate Strongly Supported By Working-Age Americans And Californians, Survey Says

March/April 2004 (9 March 2004)

Continuing Obesity Epidemic Could Increase Disability Rates By 2020

March/April 2004 (9 March 2004)

New Study: Medicaid Expansions Represent Best Way To Stop Erosion Of Health Insurance Coverage For Working Poor Parents; But Price Tag Is In The Billions

March/April 2004 (9 March 2004)

New Studies Show Financial Challenges Lead Physicians to Cut Back in Services and Increase Costs, Making it More Difficult for Patients to Obtain Care

January/February Web Exclusive (25 February 2004)

Federal Government Will Forgo $188.5 Billion In Tax Revenue Through Favorable Treatment Of Health Care Benefits

January/February Web Exclusive (11 February 2004)

Seniors' Insurance Coverage, Not Need, Bigger Determinant For Prescriptions Of Costly Pain Relievers For Arthritis

January/February Web Exclusive (11 February 2004)

Although Slowing, Health Care Spending Growth Projected To Nearly Double In The Next Decade, Health Affairs Article Says

January/February Web Exclusive (4 February 2004)

Group Practices Serving HMOs Employ Fewer Doctors Per Enrollee Than The National Rate, Health Affairs Article Says

January/February Web Exclusive (28 January 2004)

Unemployment And Changes In Employment Patterns Explain Rising Rates Of Uninsured, Health Affairs Article Says

January/February Web Exclusive (21 January 2004)

Malpractice Insurance Premiums Lower In States With Caps On Damage Awards, According To Health Affairs Analysis

January/February 2004 (14 January 2004)

Survey Finds Increasing Health Costs For Retirees And continued Erosion Of Benefits With Sustained Cost Increases, One In Three Of All Surveyed Employers Have Hit Or Will Soon Hit Cap On Retiree Health Obligations

January/February 2004 (8 January 2004)

Survey The Landscape Of The Pharmaceutical Industry In The January/February Health Affairs

November/December 2003 (17 December 2003)

Staffing Levels, Not User Fees, Responsible For Decline In Prescription Drug Approval Times, Health Affairs Study Says

November/December 2003 (10 December 2003)

Focus On Costly Beneficiaries To Control Medicare Cost Growth, Health Affairs Article Says

November/December 2003 (3 December 2003)

African Americans Rate Health Issues More Vital Than Whites Do; Are More Dissatisfied With System And Worried About Coverage

November/December 2003 (19 November 2003)

People Eligible For Medicaid Personal Care Services Get More Home Care And Use Nursing Homes Less When They Direct Their Own Care, Study Finds

November/December 2003 (12 November 2003)

Influx Of Older And Foreign-Born Workers Slows Five-Year Hospital Nursing Shortage

September/October 2003 (29 October 2003)

International Prescription Drug Price Differentials Roughly Track Income Differences, Health Affairs Article Says

September/October 2003 (22 October 2003)

Federal Government Should Suspend Small Pox Vaccinations, Learn From Failure Of First Phase, Health Affairs Article Says

September/October 2003 (15 October 2003)

Better Chronic Illness Management, Incentives For Improved Quality More Likely Among California Physician Groups

September/October 2003 (8 October 2003)

Market Conditions Can Allow Providers To Shift Costs To Private Payers To Offset Government Cuts, Health Affairs Article Says

September/October 2003 (24 September 2003)

Tax Credit Would Cover Only Part Of The Cost Of Buying Many Individual Insurance Policies In California

September/October 2003 (9 September 2003)

Governors' Involvement Could Be Key To Reform Of Fragmented Mental Health System, Says Presidential Commission Chairman

July/August 2003 Web Exclusive (27 August 2003)

Problem Of Uninsured Still Troubles Most Americans But Raising Taxes Remains A Sticking Point

July/August 2003 Web Exclusive (13 August 2003)

Higher Utilization, Lower Death Rate For Florida's Medicare Enrollees Raises Questions About Equity, Quality, Patients' Preferences

July/August 2003 Web Exclusive (26 July 2003)

Population-Based Disease Management Could Improve Quality, Lower Costs In Medicare, But Needs To Be Tested

July/August 2003 Web Exclusive (23 July 2003)

New Study: Dramatic Decline In Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance And Prescription Drug Coverage For New Retirees

July/August 2003 Web Exclusive (16 July 2003)

To Fix Medicaid, Federal Government Should Increase State Payments Or Start New Federal Insurance Program, Health Affairs Article Says

July/August 2003 Web Exclusive (8 July 2003)

New Study Finds That Coverage Restrictions Keep Many Physicians From Offering Patients Useful Medical Services

July/August 2003 Web Exclusive (8 July 2003)

The Benefits Of Technology Have Limited Reach

May/June 2003 Web Exclusive (25 June 2003)

Strategies To Improve Funding For Health Services Research Led Both To The Creation Of AHCPR And To Its Near-Demise Six Years Later

May/June 2003 Web Exclusive (18 June 2003)

One In Ten Requests For Health Insurance Coverage Denied In Utilization Review Process, Health Affairs Article Says

May/June 2003 Web Exclusive (11 June 2003)

Health Care Spending Pace In 2002 Slowed Slightly But Remained High

May/June 2003 Web Exclusive (4 June 2003)

Study Estimates That Coverage Of The Uninsured Would Use Additional Care Amounting To A 3-6 Percent Increase In Health Spending

May/June 2003 Web Exclusive (28 May 2003)

To Bring Health Care Costs Back Under Control, Employers Should Create Multiple-Plan Exchanges, Health Affairs Article Says

May/June 2003 Web Exclusive (21 May 2003)

Public Subsidies For Health Insurance Premiums Should Include Small-Firm Coverage, Not Just Individual Policies, Health Affairs Article Says

May/June 2003 (14 May 2003)

Obesity, Overweight Conditions Contribute As Much As $93 Billion To National Medical Bill

May/June 2003 (6 May 2003)

New Study: United States Spends Substantially More On Health Care Than Any Other Country; Yet Does Not Provide More Services

March/April 2003 Web Exclusive (15 April 2003)

Medicaid Recipients With Disabilities Benefit From Directing Their Own Personal Care Services, Study Finds

March/April 2003 Web Exclusive (9 April 2003)

Uninsured Cancer Patients Receive Less Care But Spend More Out Of Pocket Than Privately Insured Patients

March/April 2003 Web Exclusive (2 April 2003)

Managed Care And Competition Unlikely To Generate Sufficient Savings To Address Medicare's Fiscal Concerns

March/April 2003 Web Exclusive (19 March 2003)

Hospital Tier Insurance Plans May Save Employees Money, But May Burden Health Care System With Complexity

March/April 2003 (11 March 2003)

Rapid Increase In Litigation Against Nursing Homes Raises Concerns About Quality Of Care For Residents

March/April 2003 Web Exclusive (05 March 2003)

In Health Affairs Interview, Breaux Outlines Plan To Cover Uninsured, Says It Would Supplant Employer-Sponsored Insurance 'Over Time.'

January/February 2003 Web Exclusive (26 February 2003)

Survey: Direct-To-Consumer Drug Advertising Results In More Physicians Discussions, New Diagnoses, Recommendations

January/February 2003 Web Exclusive (12 February 2003)

U.S. Spent $35 Billion In 2001 To Care For The Uninsured With Government Picking Up Most Of The Tab

January/February 2003 Web Exclusive (07 February 2003)

National Health Expenditures Expected To Reach $3.1 Trillion By 2012, Significantly Outpacing Economic Growth

January/February 2003 Web Exclusive (22 January 2003)

New Payments, Benefits Could Help Medicare Better Address Needs Of Chronically Ill - Health Affairs Article

January/February 2003 (08 January 2003)

Health Care Spending Reaches $1.4 Trillion in 2001 Fastest Increase In 10 Years

November/December 2002 Web Exclusive (11 December 2002)

Health Care Issues Played Modest Role In Mid-Term Election

November/December 2002 Web Exclusive (4 December 2002)

Higher Drug Cost-Sharing Saves Money for Retiree Health Plans, But Enrollees Pay More; Drug Utilization Isn't Necessarily Reduced

November/December 2002 Web Exclusive (20 November 2002)

'Consumer-Driven' Health Plans Join Insurance Mainstream, Become Essential to Big Insurers' Business Strategy

November/December 2002 (12 November 2002)

Landmark Study Shows That Air Pollution Plays Significant Role In Increasing Health Care Use Of Older Adults

Insurance Coverage Alone For Smoking-Cessation Drugs Does Not Increase Quit Rates, New Study Finds

November/December Issue Of Health Affairs Devoted To Public Health And Bioterrorism

September/October 2002 Web Exclusive (23 October 2002)

Despite Problems, Individual Health Insurance Market Works Acceptably Well For Most Buyers

September/October 2002 Web Exclusive (9 October 2002)

Survey: Medicare Beneficiaries Report Greater Satisfaction, Better Access To Care Than Enrollees In Employer Sponsored Plans

September/October 2002 Web Exclusive (25 September 2002)

Spending On Hospital Care Drives Double-Digit Jump In Health Costs

September/October 2002 Web Exclusive (5 September 2002)

New Studies Show Health Care Professions In Short Supply, Putting Patient Care And Safety Risk

Highlights Of Studies Appearing In The September/October Issue Of Health Affairs

July/August 2002 Web Exclusive (28 August 2002)

State Laws Requiring Insurers To Renew Individual Health Coverage Make More Drastic Market Intrusion Unecessary, Health Affairs Article Says

July/August 2002 Web Exclusive (14 August 2002)

Cost, Availability Of Insurance And Drugs Top Health Care Worries, But Economy And Terrorism Are Voters' Highest Priorities

July/August 2002 Web Exclusive (31 July 2002)

New Survey Of Seniors In Eight States Finds Nearly One In Four Skipping Doses Or Not Filling Prescriptions Due To Cost

July/August 2002 Web Exclusive (17 July 2002)

Medicare+Choice Bills May Stop Exodus Of Plans, But Are Not Likely To Expand Enrollment In HMOs

July/August 2002 (9 July 2002)

States Need To Do Better Job Of Regulating Outpatient Care, Particularly In Sites That Perform Surgery. - Analysis Reveals Serious Oversight Gaps That Put Patients At Risk

Highlights Of Studies Appearing In The July/August Issue Of Health Affairs

New Federal Study Shows Sharp Increases In Prescription Rates Across All Ages And In Nearly All Specialties; At Current Rate Drug Spending Would Double In Next Five Years. - Increased Prescribing Linked To More Older Patients, More Multiple Conditions, New Drug Choices, Medical Payment And Delivery Systems, And Direct Marketing To Consumers May/June 2002 Web Exclusive (19 June 2002)

Study: Higher Cost Sharing Saves Employers More Than Benefit Cuts. - But Health Affairs Article Warns Of Potential Market Disruption, Consumer Backlash And Harm To The Low-Income Chronically Ill

May/June 2002 Web Exclusive (5 June 2002)

Expert: Bioterrorism Funded In 'Knee-Jerk' Fashion. - Pentagon Adviser Says Lawmakers Haven't Developed Realistic Plan To Combat Threat of Biological Agents

May/June 2002 Web Exclusive (22 May 2002)

States' Fiscal Struggles Haven't Led To Big Medicaid Cuts. - Health Affairs article says states reducing optional benefits, trimming provider payments

May/June 2002 (14 May 2002)

One World, Many Health Care Challenges. - Health Affairs Special Issue Profiles International Health System Change

March/April 2002 (12 March 2002)

Patient Trust Is Not Harmed When HMOs Pay Doctors A Bonus For Holding Down Costs

New Study: Health Problems Linked To Obesity Outrank The Medical Problems And Costs Of Smoking And Heavy Drinking.

Tobacco Companies Finding Easy Way Around Magazine Advertising Ban To Target Youth. - New Study Shows Major Flaws In 1998 Agreement.

Effects Of Health On Wealth Are Strong; But Causal Mechanisms, Policy Implications Are Complex & Controversial. - Special Issue Explores Nonmedical Factors In Depth.

January/February 2002 (8 January 2002)

Health Spending Reaches $1.3 Trillion In 2000. - Hospital Spending Main Culprit Driving Up Health Costs. Prescription Drug Expenditures Growing at Double-Digit Rates.

Number Of Americans With Job-Based Benefits Grew Through Early 2001, Despite Higher Benefit Costs. - Largest Increases In Coverage Occurred In Wholesale And Retail Trade Industries.

Highlights Of Studies Appearing In The January/February Issue Of Health Affairs.

November/December 2001 (13 November 2001)

Management Of Chronic Illnesses Poses Complex Problems For U.S. Health Care System. - Treatment Alone For Five Conditions Costs $62 Billion A Year; Uninsured Are Hardest Hit, According To New Health Affairs Studies

Public Attitudes Toward Health Care Problems Change Dramatically As A Result Of Sept. 11. Polls Show Health Care Policy Issues Now A Lower Priority; Americans Become Concerned About Health Care Problems Resulting From Bioterrorism.

September/October 2001 Web Exclusive (10 October 2001)

Medicare reform unlikely to save government much money. Raising Beneficiary Premiums Seen As Only Way To Achieve Cost Savings; Reforming Medicare+Choice Would Yield Other Benefits

September/October 2001 Web Exclusive (26 September 2001)

Hospital Spending Drives Largest Health Care Cost Increase In A Decade; Prescription Drug Spending, While Still High, Slows in 2000

September/October 2001 (6 September 2001)

Primary Care Physicians Rank Top Medical Innovations In Order Of Value To Their Patients; On Average, Innovations To Treat Cardiovascular Disease Ranked Significantly Higher

Is Medical Innovation Worth The Cost? How Will New Treatments In The R&D Pipeline Be Paid For?

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